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Your Engaged! Now What?

Your engaged! Here at Pretty as a Picture we know how important it is to a couple that their wedding day is everything that they’ve imagined it to be and we also know how many details there are to coordinate and how stressful it can become. With this in mind we have developed a wedding planning timeline for you to follow from engagement to wedding. The timeline starts from 1 year away (plenty of time to plan that dream wedding) but here are some basic steps you should follow before the real planning begins. Enjoy your engagement x

Spread the word
Start off by telling those closest to you- parents/siblings/grandparents. Then you can announce your engagement to the rest of your family and friends either by word of mouth or with an engagement party/ get-together (just make sure you don’t invite anyone who won’t be invited to the wedding) Oh and now get prepared for the 100 questions..where did he propose? can I see the ring?  when is the wedding?

Start Dreaming..

OK so some of you will have been dreaming about your wedding since you were a little girl, but either way the next step is for you and your fiance to start sharing your ideas and visions for the perfect wedding day! Do you dream of a cosy autumn wedding, a winter wonderland or maybe an elegant spring wedding?  Your wedding vision is important as it will have a huge impact on the the wedding date (time of year), the type of venue and the overall wedding feel (black tie/ casual etc). Inspiration boards are great for getting all of your initial thoughts and ideas on themes, colours, destinations etc together. Check out Pretty as a Picture’s Wedding Inspiration Boards

Start an ‘Our Wedding Inspiration’ folder on your computer and save any wedding images you like.

Choose a Date..
Now that you have loads of ideas for your wedding its time to start thinking about when you would like to get married. You will have already considered the seasons when envisioning your perfect wedding, now check your calender for bank holidays/ religious holidays. Consult with family members about other events in the year to see what you have to work with (I know a couple who’s wedding was booked for the same day as a nephews confirmation). Start thinking about what day of the week you would like to have it, is it definitely a Saturday wedding or would you consider a week day where there may be discounts and more availability from your venue and other vendors. Some couples will choose to mark special occasions with their wedding date, so for example the anniversary of the day you met/ one of your birthdays/ parents anniversary etc. If at this stage you are definitely decided on which church the ceremony will be in or which venue you want, you’ll want to check when exactly they’re available.

Wedding Planner
Planning a wedding can be a complex and daunting process, theres so much to consider in a certain amount of time. If you are considering hiring a wedding planner/co-coordinator to work with you on your wedding then it is time to start interviewing/ obtaining quotes now.  What exactly does a wedding planner do? Read our guest blog by Wedding Planner Collette O’Leary of Elegant Events here. Collette shares her experience of wedding trends, a little about wedding planning and the benefits having a wedding planner can bring to your special day.

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Wedding Planning Timeline; 5 months to go

Your wedding day is only 5 months away!! Guest list-check.Invitations and stationery- check. (Not on schedule? See 6 Months to go checklist). OK so for the next stage of your wedding planning timeline its finally time to start sampling wedding cake!! The wedding cake is a centre piece for your reception, so give yourselves plenty of time for research..and tasting..to ensure its perfect! Hopefully you and your fiance are looking forward to your hen/ stag parties which you’ll need to start booking. Have some fun with this, because then its time to get all of the paperwork out of the way. So read on and if you haven’t already, print out our detailed checklist to be completed by you and your fiance over the next couple of months.Happy Planning!!

Wedding Cake
Ideally have your order in 4 months in advance. With your wedding style and colours in mind begin the search by browsing pictures on websites, magazines etc. When you have found images of cakes you like you can start to contact and meet with bakers in your area, bringing with you the images/ideas to show them.

Wedding Cake, Mini Cakes

Wedding Rings
Shop for wedding rings with your fiance.  You will both be wearing the rings for a long time so its important to be happy with your selection.

Grooms Wear
Time for the groom to get his bestman, groomsmen and both fathers together to choose and be fitted for suit/tuxedo (depending on the formality). Colour can be introduced in waistcoats , cravats, ties/ bow-ties, cufflinks, socks etc.

Bridesmaids Accessories
Decide on accessories for your bridesmaids!


Hen/ Stag
Both you and your fiance must choose dates and book.


Organise legalities and church paperwork

Readings family and friends
Select and  family and friend to take part in the ceremony.

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Wedding Timeline; Wedding Day

Your big day is here! The year of careful planning will all finally pay off as this is sure to be  one of the best and most important day’s of both your lives! We have just three pieces of advice for when your wedding day arrives-

Eat breakfast & drink plenty of water throughout the day
With all the excitement and anticipation of the day ahead it’s really important to eat a good breakfast and to keep hydrated.

Get your hair & make up done early
Allow enough time for yourself and your bridesmaids to have your hair and make up done stress free. For expert tips & advice read our top Wedding Day Make Up and Beauty tips by the super talented Clare Hogan Make Up Artist.

Relax & Enjoy your day
The most important thing is to relax and enjoy your big day. You’re probably thinking this goes without saying but it is very easy to get stuck in wedding planning mode! What’s done is done now so don’t spend your day worrying about little detail’s! Enjoy x

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Wedding Planning Timeline; After the Wedding

Congratulations on your marriage! Best wishes for all the happiness in the world from the Pretty as a Picture team.  Here are the steps to complete your wedding timeline checklist..We have included some pretty and unique ways to preserve the memories of your special day.

Have your dress cleaned
Have your dress cleaned by a reputable dry cleaner specialising in the cleaning of wedding dresses straight after the wedding, leaving stains too long in fabric may leave a permanent mark and even stains which are invisible at first will darken and appear with time!

Wedding Dress Portrait
A stylish way to remember your wedding day and the dress you wore-forever!
Before you pack your dress away for safe keeping for future generations check out our unique way of preserving the memory of your beautiful dress, and owning a piece of art at the same time!

Working from your photographs,  Ailbhe, our inhouse artist will recreate your dress on canvas resulting in an elegant piece of custom artwork to cherish for years to come. See our wedding dress portraits and place your order by clicking the image below…

Wedding Dress Portrait

Preserve your dress
There are so many harmful environmental effects that can happen to your gown over time, such as yellowing, discolouring, creasing or molding so it is vitally important that you take measures to preserve it.  So once your dress is home safe from the cleaners it is important to store it in a pH neutral container. Shop our collection of specially milled unique pH neutral board wedding dress storage boxes in pretty patterns. Each box is hand finished with a ribbon or cord and comes with sheets of acid free tissue paper and instructions for how to pack your wedding dress.

Traditional Wedding Dress Storage Box

Wedding Keepsake box
Wedding keepsake boxes are great idea for storing your wedding invitation and stationery pieces (keep at least one of everything if you can), wedding favours/ favour tags, your garter, veil, photos, confetti and any other bits and pieces you collect throughout the day. Check out our wedding accessory boxes made from unique specially milled board, for the best and most romantic way to preserve all the memories of your special day!

Meet with your photographer/ videographer
Meet with photographer and/or videographer to finalise albums.

Make a list of gifts received
It is a good idea to keep a list containing a quick description of each gift you received, who you received them from for when you are ready to write those all important Thank You Cards.  Who gets a Thank You card? how are they worded? Read our top tips for your Thank You Cards in our wedding invitation & stationery etiquette guide

Write and send thank you cards
Thank You Cards are an absolute must for every gift you receive. If you spent time choosing the perfect invitations and stationery then what better way to thank your guests than with a thank you card matching the other pieces of your wedding stationery! Shop our designs here

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