Finishing Touches: Day of Stationery

You put a lot of time and energy into creating your perfect wedding invitation, setting just the right tone for your wedding. A little advance planning is all it takes now to pull the details together beautifully and continue to wow your guests with your “day-of” stationery and accessories.

Here is a brief description of some of the most popular items:

Day-of Stationery

Ceremony Booklets

Ceremony Booklets will help to make your guests feel more included in your special day and provide a keepsake of the event. As a general rule, booklets include at least two components: a description of the wedding ceremony and a list of the members of the wedding party.

The booklet should contain an outline of the ceremony and the order of events. This often includes things like processional music, greeting, readings, prayers, exchange of vows, ring ceremony, unity candle ceremony, pronouncement of marriage, and recessional music.

The program should also identify and honour those who are participating in the ceremony. Be sure to list the members of your wedding party, your officiant’s name, as well as the names of any musicians, soloists or readers.
Some booklets also include a thank-you message to family and friends, as well as a reference to loved ones who are deceased or otherwise unable to attend the ceremony, explanations of special religious or ethnic wedding traditions, and/or special poems or readings.

You will want to order enough ceremony booklets to equal at least 75% of your expected guests, since couples usually take just one. Of course, if you choose to place a booklet at each seat ahead of the ceremony, you will want to order one for every guest. Any extras can be placed at the reception near the guest book or gift table for guests who may have missed them at the ceremony.

Escort Cards

If your wedding reception includes a seated meal, you will want to consider escort cards to let guests know their assigned table. Escort cards are typically small tented cards that list the name of the guest {or couple} and the table number. However, the possibilities for getting creative with your escort cards are endless, incorporating the theme of your wedding in their display.

Seating Chart

A seating chart may be used in lieu of escort cards to let guests know their assigned table. Generally, seating charts are placed in a decorative frame and/or on an easel at the entrance to the reception site.

Again, the possibilities for getting creative here are many. You may choose to list your guests by table or alphabetically. If you have more than 75 or so guests, listing the guests alphabetically will find it much easier for them to find their name and table.

Place Cards

Some people choose to assign specific seats for their guests and some opt to simply assign people to tables and let the guests select their seat at the table. If you choose to assign specific seats, you will need place cards to let guests know their specific seat at the table. Having assigned seats helps to relieve the pressure some of your guests may feel about where to sit, and shows that you put a great deal of thought into ensuring that guests are well matched and likely to enjoy the conversation at their table.


Table Cards

Table cards are used to designate the number or name for each table. Some people get very clever with the names of the tables, which can signify places or things that are important to the couple. Table cards should be fairly large so that they can be seen from across the room. They may be tented and placed on the table, or set up higher in a stand or incorporated into the centerpiece.


Menu cards are most often used for seated meals at wedding receptions. They are not necessary for a buffet-style dinner, but you may still want to list the buffet choices and beverages that are offered.

Letterpress Wedding Menus

Having a printed menu card at the table adds a decorative element to the table and is another way to express your creativity.

Wedding Day Accessories


There is an infinite number of options for wedding favours. Traditional favours can range from the classic sugared almonds or individual chocolates to candles and scented soaps. Modern gift trends include CDs with the favorite music of the bride and groom, glassware, and picture frames. Candy bars {where the guests fill their own goody bags} have become very popular. Favour boxes or bags, or the gifts themselves, may be be personalised with the couple’s names, monogram or initials and wedding date.

A more altruistic option that is gaining in popularity is for a donation to be made to charity in lieu of gifts. One of our favorite lines, Bella Figura, believes in this gesture so much that they will letterpress your favour cards for free with an order of at least €500!

Guest Book

The wedding guest book was once a necessity. Long ago, everyone who attended a wedding was considered a witness and was required to sign the marriage document. Today, even though the legal requirements for witnesses have changed, the concept of a guest book remains as a wonderful remembrance for the wedding couple.

The options for guest books also vary widely, from traditional books with lines for guests to simply sign their names, to pages that provide more space for guests to write longer messages and/or for photos, to wildly creative ideas like placing a vintage typewriter at the reception where guests get to type in their names “old-school” style. Our guest book trees are very popular and are a great talking point on the day. Each guests leaves a thumbrint on the couple’s tree to mark their presence. They can add their signature also if they wish.


More and more, couples are getting creative in their use of signs at their wedding reception. Perhaps you have concocted a signature cocktail for your wedding and would like to display a description or recipe for the drink. Or, if you’re having a buffet reception, you might want signage on the buffet table explaining each dish. You may also wish to have welcome or directional signs at your reception. And, of course, there is the traditional “Just Married” sign.
Whatever you choose to incorporate into your wedding ceremony and reception, your day-of stationery and accessories provide a perfect opportunity to infuse the decor with a bit of your {and your fiance’s} personality and style in a way that pulls all of the pieces together beautifully.

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