Rhian’s Stunning ‘Stella’ Wedding Dress Portrait

We couldn’t be more excited to share this stunning Wedding dress oil painting. I loved this dress! Mike rang looking for this as a wedding day gift for his lovely bride to be, Rhian.  Does it get any more romantic!

In keeping with tradition, Mike wasn’t supposed to see the dress before the big day so our super talented artist, Ailbhe, worked closely with Dara from Filly Frocks Bridal Boutique to produce the final painting. Dara provided us with the photos of the magnificent dress as well as closeups of the intricately beaded belt and helped at all the proofing stages. The dress was called ‘Stella’ by the designer ‘Johanna Hehir‘ and was made of a beautiful silk material, a seriously stunning dress!

The oil painting was then carefully gift wrapped by the team here at Pretty as a Picture and was waiting in the bridal suite for Rhian on the morning of their wedding. What a sweet guy, it’s stories like this make our hearts melt!

Wedding dress portrait, Oil paintingWedding dress portrait, Oil paintingWedding dress, Portrait of a wedding dress, Oil painting.

Mike sent these kind words over after their wedding:
I promised to get back in touch once we got home from our honeymoon to let you know what Rhian thought of the painting. She went nuts for it. Really loves it. I got my Mom to drop it over to her room the morning of the wedding so she could admire it while all the ladies got ready and they all loved it. Thanks again for doing the painting for me. It has pride of place in our house on the wall now.

It was a real pleasure to work with such a sweet couple, we wish you both all the happiness in the world :)

If you would be interested in a dress portrait, click here to see some gorgeous examples or get drop us an email at info@prettyasapicture.ie.

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Wedding Dress Portrait Sketch; Kate Middleton

The royal wedding has come and gone, but it seems wedding trends from the most watched wedding of the century such as small bouquets, white bridesmaids dresses and vintage cars are here to stay What we loved most is the dress! Kate Middleton revealed her wedding dress on the morning of April 29th (after months of speculation about what she would wear) and we weren’t disappointed!  There are just so many beautiful elements of this dress that we love! Ailbhe has sketched a wedding dress portrait (one of our pen & ink wedding dress portrait sketches) of Kate’s wedding dress to capture these favourite elements!

Fashion Print Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

What we love about Kate’s royal wedding dress

We love that Kate’s ivory gown by designer  Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, was so traditional.

Sweetheart Neckline
Kate’s Wedding dress featured a sweetheart-neckline. We love this look so feminine and pretty and very flattering!

Bride Kate’s fitted dress has a long sleeve lace overlay and we are not surprised that lace wedding dresses are a big trend now! Ailbhe was able to capture the lace detail in the sketch.

Royal Couple Kate & William

Embroidered Flowers
The bodice and 9foot train of Kate’s dress were decorated with delicate lace applique flowers, the design incorporated the four floral emblems of the UK, the rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock and was made at the Royal School of Needlework using Carrickmacross, an Irish originated lace making technique! We don’t envy the embroiderer though, sketching this took long enough :)

Fashion Print Kate Middleton’s Dress

Kate Middletons dress is on display on at Buckingham Place this summer! In honour of this we have had Ailbhe’s wedding dress portrait sketch professionally printed in gallery with archival inks, perfect gift for fans of the royal couple and for fashion lovers around the globe who tuned on the morning of April 29th to see the dress that is sure to influence weddings throughout 2012. Click here to get yours

If you have your own fabulous wedding dress, check out our wedding dress portrait gallery.

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Embrace The Trend; Bird Cage Fashion

Last week I blogged about Rock n Rose, an online store full of gorgeous quirky jewellery and head wear- it really is all so pretty!! And when I seen the birdcage headpiece I just couldn’t help but be reminded of our Fashion Print ‘Bird Brain’.

The ‘Bird Brain’ Print is one if 4 fashion illustrations based on the idea of over accessorizing and is poking a little fun at at the ‘designer pet’ trend.

Rock n RoseLibertarian Birdcage Headpiece

‘Bird Brain’ - Who needs brains when you look this good?!!

I don’t think I am brave enough to sport a birdcage on my head, quirky as it is, so I will be embracing this  trend with this fashion print :)

Bird Brain is now on special offer (exclusive to ourfacebook fans, but don’t worry if you’re not a fan yet just like us now to avail)

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Rose Memorial Card – Duplexed Letterpress and Digital

We love getting the opportunity to create something truly unique – and this card certainly was!! Three sisters came to us to design an extra special memorial card for their late mother.

Duplexed Letterpress & Digital Memorial Card – Front & Back

Upon meeting them we learned of their unique story. On the day their mother passed away, a rose bloomed in her garden with three buds surrounding it – they felt this represented their mother and the 3 sisters. They took a photograph of this and wanted to include it in her memorial card as it was particularly meaningful to them.

We decided to do a custom painting of the roses for one side of the card and to letterpress the other side with text and an illustration – so each side would contrast with the other.

Ailbhe sketching the first draft

Ailbhe’s initial sketch of the roses was done in pen and used for the letterpress side of the card which was printed in a grey ink. Then the watercolour version was used for the opposite side which was digitally printed. The two sides were then duplexed together and the corners rounded to create a truly meaningful and unique memorial card.

Rose Illustration in pen and in watercolour

We have since been told that many recipients have framed their cards as they can’t bear to throw them away!! If you would like more information on our custom design services please feel free to contact us.

Letterpress Memorial Card – Front

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Custom fashion portrait – Queen Bee!!!

Missy contacted us from the U.S as she came across our oil painted fashion illustrations online. She attached some photos and stated that she loves ‘ bee’s and crowns, do what you like.’ My favourite kind of commission!!

Fashion Illustration of Missy

I decided to go with a Queen Bee theme and dressed her in a yellow and black stripey outfit, complete with a honeycomb clutch and wings. First I sent Missy a pencil sketch of my idea and once she approved it I got to work with the paint. The canvas is 300mm x 800mm, perfect for those slender fashion paintings. It was a fun portrait to work on with the perfect mix of personality and fun.

“Ailbhe!!  I got it!  It’s STUNNING!!  I’m so happy I could pop.  You are so freakin’ talented.” Missy Nissim

Initial Pencil Sketch

Finished Oil Painting

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Ruby Rouge Fashion Show

We were very excited and honoured to be a part of the stylish Ruby Rouge Fashion Show in the beautiful Marlfield House in Gorey. We painted a custom fashion portrait of Ruby for her 5th birthday celebrations!! This was then used for the Fashion Show Programme.

The portrait of Ruby was based on the style of their brand new shop – pastel colours and multiple patterns used throughout. We are in love with this shop – talk about girlie heaven!!! impossible not to find that perfect outfit…

The fashion show itself was the perfect night out with the gals!!! The style of the audience was as good as that of the models! The wine and chat were flowing so we think we’ll be making this a regular Pretty as a Picture night out!! Check out some of the style below…

Ruby Rouge Fashion Show
The choice of venue was Marlfield House which we were literally drooling over!!! What an amazing wedding you could have here…

Happy Birthday Ruby!!!! Here’s to many more to come…

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Fairy Portrait – Sarah

Ailbhe recently painted a ‘Fairy Portrait’ commission for Sarah – a gorgeous bubbly little girl who dreams of being a pretty fairy! We started by getting some photographs from her Mum. We combined these photographs to get the best angle for Sarah’s face and her hair. We also included her favourite teddy – Molly!

A magical floral scene was painted in watercolour and Sarah, the fairy, was sat upon a flower stem clutching Molly.

Do you know a little girl who would like to see themselves transformed into a fairy, perhaps for a special birthday gift. See our custom art shop for details or email us at info@prettyasapicture.ie

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Dog Oil Painting Commission

I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a  gorgeous Miniature Yorkshire Terrior named Pebbles as a special Christmas present. I painted her from photos in oils on canvas and thought I’d share the process with you!

I like to start with more than one photo so I have options when it comes to deciding on the best possible composition.

Photos of Pebbles

Step 2

The next step is to make sure your initial sketch is as accurate as possible. This will prevent problems later. I mixed and matched a few photographs and had Pebbles looking straight facing forward.

Pencil Sketch

Step 3

For the first layer I just want to cover the whole canvas in paint, I don’t worry too much about the colours being accurate but I do try and paint in the direction of the fur, even at the early stages.

First Layer

Step 4

With the first coat dry, I then cover the whole canvas in a thin layer of Liquin over the areas where I will be painting fur.  I dip the tip of a large brush into oil paint (no Liquin)  and start to paint the first under-layer of fur and textures.

First under layer of fur

Step 5

For the next few stages I worked on getting the likeness of the dog with the photos and modeling the fur.

Work on the fur

Step 6

When it was dry I again covered the canvas in a thin coat of liquin.  I went over all the fur with light colours to shape it further. I used a mixture of yellow ochre. white and a touch of blue for the champagne colour.

Light fur

Fur Modeling

The colours are too light at this stage but I will knock it back with darker glazes next.

Step 7

I again apply a thin layer of liquin over the fur area, whilst this is still wet I begin glazing darker colours over the top of the fur. This knocks back the very light colours and adds depth and shadow.

Darker Glazes

Step 8

I  spend some time painting in fine details and fur. Remember fur is painted light to dark, I apply a light line of colour and blend in the root and tip.

Detail of painting the fur

Step 9

Finishing touches included fine hairs around the ears and edges and minor tweaks.

Finished Oil Painting

Detail of finished painting

If you would like a custom quotation, email us at info@prettyasapicture.ie

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